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SQ4 - cnm - metabolism

3inch.cdr - with a5-registrycard in plastic bag - release-date: 04|06|2011 - also available as digital download

this release is dedicated to the new headquarter of the german federal intelligence service and contains material of live recordings. the result is a semi-dramatic soundtrack, dark and filigree.



SQ6 - ithinkitsover featuring cocktail lytique - dubi dubi yummi yummi peggy sue

3inch.cdr - high glossy cover - release-date: 03|12|2005 - sold out!

the release starts with some emo-melody, the story and just a short shredded punkcore-section making you smile. the ultra-broken noiz massacre that follows teaches you lessons. meet hysteric disappointed girls and organ melodies placed between high speed cuts. dirty breakcore of better (rougher) days, distortion and ... a love story - that's all digital punk ever needed. back to noise! (minor)
track 1+2 also available on 7inch (formosan records), inclusive lovely handmade metal cover.



SQ3 - innenraumanalyse & cocktail lytique - esleft.d ][ inod -4kharar

3inch.cdr - high glossy cover - release-date: 03|12|2005 - sold out!

dark ambient and weird soundscapes mixed with heavy breaks, tiny clicks and proper cuts. influenced by the political situation in france.



SQ2 - cocktail lytique - positive mutations

3inch.cdr - 10sides-booklet - release-date: 07|08|2004 - sold out!

un-easy noize breakcore and ultra-restless cut-up massacres with a certain anarchistic sense for distortioned-sample-overkill and avoiding any track structure. rocks on max. volume. eats your nerves while doing anything else than listening. beats are changing almost every 15 seconds.... yeah!!! (minor)